New Workouts Exclusively Available to Subscribers

New Workouts Exclusively Available to Subscribers

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Check back for new videos posted here that will be available to subscribers and will include content for the exercise programs included in your membership. After a month, the videos will be removed from this section, but be available under their specific programs. Stay tuned for more Undefeated! Shadow Boxing Videos, 5 Minute Workouts, Parkinson's Exercise Ball Workouts, Brain&Body Bar Workouts, etc.

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New Workouts Exclusively Available to Subscribers
  • 5 Minute Workout: The Frisbee Throw Routine with Coordination

    Episode 1

    Get yourself up and moving with this short workout that combines a simple body pattern with a slightly more complex routine. You'll get your heart rate up and strengthen your mind-body connection.

  • The Scramble! Fall Prevention and Balance Class

    Episode 2

    Improve your balance and avoid falls with this fun and interactive SmartXPD exercise class

  • Scramble! Fall Prevention & Balance Class

    Episode 3

    Los of balance can occur for many reasons and in many environments and situations. The automatic response for most is to perform what Patrick calls the "Scramble." During this class, Patrick instructs the technique and provides exercises that help insure that you recover your balance and avoid a ...

  • Scramble Balance and Fall Prevention Class

    Episode 4

    Patrick explains the Scramble! and leads you through balance exercises and drills to help you recover in the event of a loss of balance. Training to recover in a moment of instability is an important element to any fall prevention program. This class has it all.

  • 5 Minute Workout w Ball-El Matador Beach

    Episode 5

    This 5 Minute workout incorporates hand-eye coordination, fine motor, balance and reciprocal body patterns that safely and effectively raises the heart rate and improves gait.