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  • New Monthly Workouts Exclusively Available to Subscribers

    2 seasons

    Check back for new videos posted monthly that will be available to subscribers and will include content for the exercise programs included in your membership. After a month, the videos will be removed from this section, but be available under their specific programs. Stay tuned for more Undefeate...

  • 5-Minute Parkinson's Workout

    1 season

    You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to better and stronger, although the harder you work, the better you’ll feel. But you can improve your health and vitality in the comfort of your home in as little as 5 minutes a day by performing these specifically designed 5-Minute Workouts that target ...

  • Workout with a Towel and Ball

    1 season

    You provide the ball and the towel, Patrick provides the exercise. This 45 minute workout is designed to target Parkinson’s symptoms will get you moving and active in the chair. If you thought you couldn’t get a workout in a chair, just try this!

  • Undefeated! Shadow Boxing for Parkinson's

    1 season

    Undefeated! is the world’s first and only Shadow Boxing Program for Parkinson’s. Boxing quickly improves balance & strength and may help reduce freezing. Patrick teaches you how to shadow box your way to improved and health and function with fun and effective workouts filmed in beautiful Californ...

  • Rise&Shine Parkinson's Morning Blast Workout

    1 season

    Perform these short 10 minute routines with a wiffel ball either in bed, or on the floor. Fire up your coordination, strength an flexibility with these wonderful routines designed to get you alert, up and ready.

  • Brain&Body Bar
    2 seasons

    Brain&Body Bar

    2 seasons

    “Raise the Bar!” One of SmartXPD’s most comprehensive Parkinson’s Exercise Programs. The bar and accompanying workout videos help you manage the symptoms and feel better.

  • Parkinson's Exercise Ball (Featuring the BrainBall)

    2 seasons

    The Parkinson’s Exercise Ball is a life changing exercise program which improves balance, movement initiation, hand-eye coordination, posture and strength. It’s a fun form of exercise. Become proactive and make your life better.

  • One&Done - A Series of One Minute(1:00) Parkinson's Exercise Tips

    1 season

    A series of one-minute exercise drills and coordination challenges designed to make you feel more alert and better, quickly. When you're pressed for time, these lessons can help you feel better and poised for the day. You should maintain a comprehensive exercise program included in your membershi...