Parkinson's Exercise Ball (Featuring the BrainBall®)

Parkinson's Exercise Ball (Featuring the BrainBall®)

3 Seasons

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The Parkinson’s Exercise Ball (Brainball®) is a life changing exercise program which improves balance, movement initiation, hand-eye coordination, posture and strength. It’s a fun form of exercise that is fun to use and delivers results.

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Parkinson's Exercise Ball (Featuring the BrainBall®)
  • Introduction to the BrainBall®

    Episode 1

    Patrick describes the foundation of his program and discusses the "courage" it takes to begin an exercise program.

  • Posture Lesson

    Episode 2

    This video instructs 7 easy to understand body landmarks which will help you improve your posture. Many times we hear, "Your leaning!", "You're crooked!", "You're not standing straight!", all of these may be true observations, but they don't help you to effectively correct the observed issues. Th...

  • Chair Workout 1

    Episode 3

    Improve balance, hand-eye coordination, movement initiation and strength with this fun and interactive workout.

  • Chair Workout 3

    Episode 4

    This is a challenging chair workout that incorporates the Parkinson's Exercise Ball and will get your heart rate up, improve your hand-eye coordination and employ the concept of "task sequencing" which is so important for people living with Parkinson's. Performing this workout, you'll improve you...

  • Chair workout 5

    Episode 5

    Filmed at the waterfall cabin in the Sequoia Mountains, you'll improve your posture, hand-eye coordination and upper body strength with this fun and interactive workout.

  • Chair & Standing Workout

    Episode 6

    This BrainBall workout incorporates the Parkinson's Exercise Ball for both a chair and standing positions. You will start in the chair and perform strength training exercises that integrate task sequencing and fine motor, but soon transition to a standing workout that tasks balance. This workout ...

  • Posture workout

    Episode 7

    An effective way to train the muscles that improve posture is to perform quadruped exercises. Patrick leads you through a fun and effective workout routine that addresses and improves posture in the beautiful environment of a tributary of the Kern River in California.

  • Abs in the Chair

    Episode 8

    This workout will task and improve your core. If you thought you couldn't train your abs while sitting in a chair, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's easy to perform and designed to improve your core and posture.

  • Dodge Ball Game

    Episode 9

    This Parkinson's Exercise Ball workout challenge your ability to respond to external cues in a game/sport format. You'll have fun and get your game on!

  • BrainBall: The Story of it's Creation

    Episode 10

    Sometimes the most beautiful inventions come from simple life experiences. My development of the Parkinson's Exercise Ball (BrainBall) is a perfect example of this. I thank my first client with PD, Joe for his stubbornness and lovely difficult disposition which led me to the discovery of the Brai...