Undefeated! Shadow Boxing for Parkinson's

Undefeated! Shadow Boxing for Parkinson's

8 Episodes

Undefeated! is the world’s first and only Shadow Boxing Program for Parkinson’s. Boxing quickly improves balance & strength and may help reduce freezing. Patrick teaches you how to shadow box your way to improved and health and function with fun and effective workouts filmed in beautiful California settings. You’ll learn to move like a boxer and get improvements in strength and balance that make you feel more functional. This fun and effective program includes 7 workouts and a boxer’s conditioning program adapted for Parkinson's!

Undefeated! Shadow Boxing for Parkinson's
  • Boxing Conditioning Session

    Patrick runs you through a boxer's conditioning session which includes full body punches, push ups, body supported rows, planks and stretches. You'll also be using balance and coordinated movement to fire up your power.

  • Undefeated! Beginner Instructions

    This lesson provides the foundation of the boxing program. You'll begin to move like a boxer and stalk the ring!

  • Undefeated! Beginner Workout (5 Rounds)

    You'll learn to integrate the instructions from the first lesson into your workout. You'll move, slip and punch like a boxer! Dedicate yourself to learning these fundamental movements which will be used on all levels. Let's get to work!

  • Undefeated! Intermediate Instructions

    You'll be getting a more intense workout now. You'll be moving more gracefully and with more power and intent. Your opponents will begin to fear you!

  • Undefeated! Intermediate Workout (5 Rounds)

    This instructional video is more challenging. You'll begin to discover moments for offense and defense. You're becoming a fighter!

  • Undefeated! Advanced Instructions

    You'll need to review this segment before attempting the Advanced workout. Once you master these movements you'll be "floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee!" -Mohammad Ali, Champion Boxer! Once you complete this video and workout you should be able to shadow box like a pro. Become cre...

  • Undefeated! Advanced Workout (5 Rounds)

  • Undefeated! Conditioning Workout

    Patrick has adapted a boxer's workout to specifically address your Parkinson's symptoms. This conditioning program is tough! It includes exercises performed by professional boxers and modifies them so that they address the issues an individual with Parkinson's may face. It's fun, challenging and ...