One&Done - A Series of One Minute (1:00)  Parkinson's Exercise Tips

One&Done - A Series of One Minute (1:00) Parkinson's Exercise Tips

9 Episodes

A series of one-minute exercise drills and coordination challenges designed to make you feel more alert and better, quickly. When you're pressed for time, these lessons can help you feel better and poised for the day. You should maintain a comprehensive exercise program included in your membership, but when time doesn't allow, spend a few minutes and perform these videos.

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One&Done - A Series of One Minute (1:00)  Parkinson's Exercise Tips
  • One Minute Standing Reciprocal Stretch

    Episode 1

    This one minute drill incorporates a reciprocal movement pattern that challenges balance and flexibility. Stepping backwards into a reciprocal sweep of the arms, you'll reinforce the body pattern used during gait.

  • One Minute Shoulder Stretch & Activation Drill

    Episode 2

    This video incorporates a towel to warm up the chest and shoulder muscles with internal and external rotational movement of the upper arm to keep these structures open and strong.

  • One Minute Sit to Stand with an Extra Bonus

    Episode 3

    This video instructs how to go from a seated position to a standing and adds a bonus technique which is great for improving balance and strength for someone with Parkinson's.

  • One Balance Drill You Should Never Do

    Episode 4

    If you have Parkinson's you'll want to avoid this balance exercise. Patrick provides a better option which will encourage balance improvement and reduce the chance of a fall.

  • One Minute Stretch that's Great for Parkinson's

    Episode 5

    This video presents the "no-money" stretch which is wonderful for someone with Parkinson's to keep their muscles between the shoulder blades active and health while keeping the anterior muscle structors open and strong (chest, shoulder, neck, etc.)

  • One Minute Stretch & Difficult Coordination Drill

    Episode 6

    You'll need a small ball, a chair, and a lot of determination. This drill requires you to balance a ball on the palm of your hand while circling the arm and hand about the body in a challenging manner.

  • One Minute Reciprocal Movement Chair Exercise

    Episode 7

    This video is a chair exercise that incorporates reciprocal movement patterns and may also be helpful to keep your feet and legs functioning for driving and moving from the gas pedal to the break

  • One Minute Wrist & Ankle Challenge

    Episode 8

    This drill can improve your ankle and wrist mobility and challenge the brain & body connection.

  • One Minute Coordination Exercise in the Chair

    Episode 9

    This video is a coordination exercise for the hands and arms similar to the childhood game of patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Good for neuroplasticity as well.