5-Minute Parkinson's Workouts

5-Minute Parkinson's Workouts

20 Episodes

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to feel better and get stronger. Of course, the harder you work, the better the results. You can improve your health and vitality in the comfort of your home in as little as 5 minutes a day by performing these specifically designed 5-Minute Workouts that target the symptoms. Perform one, or perform them all! They are quick, easy to follow, and deliver results fast.

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5-Minute Parkinson's Workouts
  • 5 Minute Standing Workout 16

    Episode 1

  • 5 Minute Chair Workout 17

    Episode 2

  • 10 Minute Chair Workout to Pump It Up!

    Episode 3

    This is a tough and challenging chair routine. Enjoy and comment!

  • 5 Minute Workout Introduction

    Episode 4

    A few years ago I had a call from a care partner in the midwest who was struggling with getting her husband to begin an exercise program. She acknowledged that her husband's neurologists had recommended starting to exercise would help with the symptoms. She said to me, "If I could only get him to...

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 1

    Episode 5

    Learn to reach and lift the legs and activate the complete muscular system. Understanding how to coordinate movement is so important for the brain-body health.

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 2

    Episode 6

    Although performed in the chair it's extremely useful and challenging. This routine was inspired by my daughter Mae at 8 months. As we attempt to restore function it's important to follow the progression of development we've experienced through birth, rolling over, toddler walking, etc.

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 3

    Episode 7

    This workout requires you to provide a tennis ball or a rolled up pair of socks. You will reinforce the gait pattern and coordinate fine motor and gross motor activation.You will be moving in the chair in an aggressive and coordinated manner, improving your brain and body coordination and getting...

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 4

    Episode 8

    This workout incorporates the concept of reciprocal inhibition. We will learn to activate the CNS to achieve a more effective stretch for the chest, spine, back hips and shoulder. This is amazing!

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 5

    Episode 9

    This 5 Minute Workout incorporates movements using a towel which we've been performing since we've been hunting and gathering. You'll be encouraged to move with intensity and intension. Let's get to work!

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 6

    Episode 10

    You'll need to grab a towel and be prepared to work hard in the chair. Patrick will instruct you to move big and broadly, pulling the towel apart. Grab it firmly and follow the instructions .

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 7

    Episode 11

    A workout which incorporates reciprocal movement which is the way we walk.This 5 minute workout will make you feel better and understand how you should walk.

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 8

    Episode 12

    Workout 8 incorporates the first 6 moves of the Regenerations Tango from the BrainBall DVD. It incorporates posture and movement to improve strength and balance.

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 9

    Episode 13

    This is a great 5 Minute Workout that will improve cardio and aerobic fitness as well as addressing balance. You'll need to grab a towel to perform this workout. Move with large and sweeping patterns. As you hold the towel, grip it firmly and pull it apart. Let's get to work!

  • 5 Minute DVD Workout 10

    Episode 14

    This is the final and last 5 Minute Workout. It's extremely tough so be careful. You'll need a towel and you'll be jumping. If you have balance issues make sure you have someone with you that can catch you if you lose your balance. Pull the towel apart and grip it firmly. Pay attention to your sp...

  • 5-Minute Workout 11 (Point Dume, Malibu)

    Episode 15

    Filmed at the beautiful Point Dume Cove, this workout takes the squatting pattern to new levels and integrates fun upper body "punching" patterns. There are 3 punching directions for each arm which strengthens the shoulder and rotates the spine. Great for balance and flexibility as well. Watch Pa...

  • 5 Minute Standing Workout 12

    Episode 16

  • 5 Minute Chair Workout 13

    Episode 17

  • 5 Minute Workout 14 (w/ Ball at El Matador Beach Malibu)

    Episode 18

    This 5 Minute workout incorporates hand-eye coordination, fine motor, balance and reciprocal body patterns that safely and effectively raises the heart rate and improves gait.

  • 5 Minute Workout 15 (The Frisbee Throw Routine)

    Episode 19

    Get yourself up and moving with this short workout that combines a simple body pattern with a slightly more complex routine. You'll get your heart rate up and strengthen your mind-body connection.

  • Waiting in line at the grocery store? Here are 4 great Parkinson's exercises.

    Episode 20

    Here are 4 great exercises you can discreetly perform while standing in line at the grocery store to improve your balance, gait and posture. We all dislike long check out lines, but now you can make the wait productive as you become proactive in the management of your disease and turn wasted time...